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Sea Pollution

The Problems

Bird Covered in Oil

Profit Over People

Corporations have spent billions of dollars perpetuating profitable lies. They have pushed misinformation to cloud public judgment, shaping narratives to delay important action and protect their interests, often at a heavy cost to all of us.

Climate Protest

Climate Change

Climate change stands as one of the most significant challenges of our time, threatening our environment, economies, and societies. Its far-reaching impacts are already visible, from rising sea levels and extreme weather events to declining biodiversity and disrupted agricultural patterns. Addressing this crisis requires immediate and collective action


Misinformation/Cyber Attacks

Misinformation has the dangerous power to turn friends into enemies, eroding trust and understanding by spreading false narratives and divisive ideas. These issues undermine the very fabric of our communities, emphasizing the need for critical thinking and fact-checking in our interactions and a new kind of experience in congress.

USA Flag


US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Transitioning Soldiers Back Home

I know firsthand how difficult coming home can be after the military. I want to institute programs to ensure our former soldiers have everything they need to thrive when they get home. These programs will focus on mental health support, career training, and assistance in transitioning to civilian life. Our goal is to honor their service by ensuring a smooth and successful transition back into society.


The Constitution

Our founding document tells us we are equal and free. This is not an exhaustive list of all my thoughts on freedom - but know I understand a balance must be struck between individual freedom and societal good.

We only build a better world when united.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Reproductive and Healthcare Rights

We must protect birth control, IVF and codify abortion rights. It is not freedom to tell us which medicines we can take. True freedom encompasses the right to make personal health decisions without undue interference. Limiting these choices under the guise of policy or law not only infringes upon personal liberties but also undermines the fundamental principles of self-determination and autonomy.

Work Colleagues

Jobs and Fair Wages

Happy Gardener


Ohio has always been a proud farm state. With new technologies, farming methods, and crop diversity Ohio can increase crop yields and food security for the nation.
I support right to repair.


Internet Access

Others have been saying it for years - but I think it is time to act. Closing loopholes and not accepting excuses is the way we get rural broadband to our homes in Ohio to build careers.
We must remove obstacles and bring information technology to our district.

Maintaining a Robot

Research and Innovation Hubs

The future requires we grow our technologies. I want to see Ohio on the forefront of those efforts. From smart cities to clean energy and food independence, we can have it all.

Solar Panels

Energy Independence

Wind Turbines

Invest in Renewable Energy

By investing in wind, solar, hydro-electric, and beyond we create long lasting, high paying jobs for Ohioans while ensuring energy independence, clean air and clean water for generations to come.

Installing Solar Panels

Community Based Power Projects

Lower energy bills and create local jobs by encouraging community owned and operated micro-grids. We ensure a safer, more reliable energy source for everyone.

Insulation Installation

Promote Efficiency

Keep your money in your wallet. Less demand for energy means having to produce less energy. By teaching the importance of conservation we lower costs and ensure we can all have a healthy home.

Family Portrait

Protecting Our Families

Industrial Smoke

Capping Gas Wells

Once the epicenter of America's oil and gas exploration, it is estimated that the state could have 100,000 abandoned oil and gas wells that put Ohio citizens at risk - many in district 12. These repairs will create jobs and protect families.

Happy Kids with Books

Social Security and Medicare

We must ignore the false scarcity narrative and allow our citizens to retire with dignity. We spend our lives working to build the wealth of others, which is a problem itself. We shouldn't have to struggle after that too.

Before Surgery


The United states of America needs universal healthcare. We can afford all of our social systems, and simply need to admit the scarcity narrative is a lie.

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