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A general idea of where I stand on everything that isn't on my issue's list. If I get asked about it, I'll put it here.

Social Security

There is NO QUESTION we can sustain social security and take care of our citizens. To consider removing our nation's safety nets that we spend our lives paying for is absolutely unacceptable.

Equal Rights

Why this is up for debate is beyond my understanding. This is America - the land of the free. I am 100% in favor of gay marriage, making voting easier for ALL citizens, etc.


Israel has EVERY right to defend itself, of that - there is no doubt.
But, there has never and will never be a time when I believe the United States of America should stand by and allow innocent people to be murdered in their homes. We should always be on the side of protecting people and being good people. 


See above - Putin is garbage and any American that supports his actions are at the very best, completely ill informed.

Woman's right to choose

I believe what a person does to their own body is none of my business. I would love to build social safety nets that allow people to feel safe and comfortable having a child if they choose.

Campaign Finance

It is absolutely ridiculous how much money is supposed to be raised to run for US Congress. You shouldn't have to be independently wealthy to run for office. These posts were meant for everyday people.


We are the wealthiest nation in the world, in what universe should our people have to choose between death and crippling debt? I believe we can and should offer universal healthcare to our citizens.

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