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Jerrad Christian

It's a long read - but it has been a good story to live so far.

My Story

I grew up in poverty in the Appalachian region of Ohio. It was the kind of poverty that left my mother uncertain about whether we'd have enough to eat the next day. The areas in which I grew up held few opportunities for personal growth, and most felt limited to two options: becoming  a factory worker or enlisting in the military.


My senior year of high school, we were unexpectedly corralled into the auditorium to take a test which turned out to be the ASVAB. A few months later, the results arrived, offering us two lists - one revealing the best and the other the worst career choices for each of us. To this day, I remember the top entries on each list: the best job for me was a secret agent. The worst was a janitor.


When the call to seek new experience won out, I made the decision to join the US Navy where I served as a flight deck fueler on an aircraft carrier during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom for two years. After successfully surviving the hazards of the flight deck, I transitioned to the role of meteorologist and oceanographer for my final three years.

Upon my honorable discharge, I discovered that pursuing a civilian career in meteorology and oceanography required formal degrees, which I didn't possess. Consequently, I became an outdoor education teacher for a non-profit organization, teaching children various skills, including team building, science, survival, and history. While fulfilling, the experience lacked financial stability, prompting me to explore new opportunities.

I used my GI Bill funds to attend Ohio University, but my resulting financial situation at that time was so tight that I couldn't afford heat during the winter, relying on neighboring apartments and shops to prevent my pipes from freezing, and rice became a dietary staple.


A few years and changed jobs later, I was invited to move across the country after a close friend decided to relocate. After selling my belongings, leaving me with only three boxes and my television, I began planning my latest adventure. 

Life, however, had different plans, and a few weeks before I was supposed to move, my girlfriend and I learned that she was pregnant.

This news prompted me to prioritize my family's well-being, so I decided against moving. I instead accepted the first stable job offer that came my way; which happened to be as a janitor in a factory.


Over the following four years, I worked hard, saved diligently, studied, and attended a tech school to make the leap to a software engineering career.

Today, I remain a software engineer, but my stint in the US Navy as a meteorologist provided me with profound insight into climate and its workings, and transformed me into a staunch advocate for reducing our nation's dependence on oil. My experiences with poverty granted invaluable experience in budgeting and making every dollar count, and my roots in rural Ohio instilled in me the belief that when good people come together, there's no challenge we can't overcome.


All of these experiences lead to this moment and mindset in which I knew I had to act to bring real change and integrity for my community located in Ohio’s 12th Congressional district - a largely rural district that is sorely lacking an advocate. 

A Republican by default for most of my life, after Trump came to power and I saw what his rhetoric of hate and divisiveness was doing to our country I decided it was time to be a part of something that more accurately reflected my ideals, and am running as a Democrat. 

Why I am Running

My decision to run for office is driven by a sense of duty, an unwavering empathy for my fellow citizens, a concern about the erosion of freedom, and a vision for a brighter future for my child and all people.


I have always carried within me a strong sense of empathy and compassion for others. Growing up in rural Ohio I've seen the struggles that many Americans face, whether it's the challenges of access to healthcare, the pursuit of quality education, or simply a quality job. These struggles are real, and I have witnessed the impact on the lives of countless individuals and families, including my own.


Throughout my life, and certainly during my time in the US military, I've been inspired by the kindness and resilience of people from all walks of life. I've witnessed the power of unity and compassion in communities coming together to support one another during difficult times. This sense of solidarity and shared responsibility is something I hold dear, and informs my decision to run.


One of the core principles that define this nation is the idea of freedom. It's the idea that individuals should have the liberty to make choices about their own lives, their healthcare, their education, and their future. It's the idea that power should rest with the people, and that our democracy should be built on transparency and accountability and informed choice and that there is no “The Government” because the government is us.

Our political landscape has become more loudly polarized, and the voices of ordinary citizens often seem drowned out by the loudest amongst the masses. 


Putting a stop to misinformation is crucial as a safeguard to the integrity of our democratic processes. I want to help ensure that we can make well-informed decisions and each of us participate in our society effectively.


As a candidate for Congress, my commitment is to protect and strengthen our freedoms and to ensure that every citizen has access to accurate information. I will work tirelessly to promote transparency, accountability, and the open exchange of ideas.


I often reflect on the kind of world my child will inherit and as a parent, I am profoundly driven by the future, particularly climate change and its effects for my child and all the children of our world. I want to leave a legacy of a nation where opportunities are boundless, where freedom is cherished, where informed choices and a clean healthy environment are the norm.


These thoughts weigh heavily on my heart and motivate me to make a positive impact on the trajectory of our nation and the world at large. I am running for Congress because I believe that, together, we can shape a brighter future where our potential is limitless, and we can enjoy the full blessings of freedom.


I am ready, willing and able to dedicate myself through unwavering honor, courage, and commitment to the values that make our nation and people exceptional. By working together, we can preserve and strengthen our nation. We can ensure that our freedom endures, and that our children inherit a future filled with promise.

I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve again and work towards a better, brighter future for all Americans. May we continue to strive for a more perfect union.

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