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Jerrad Christian service photo US Navy


Removing barriers and building bridges to civilian life.

Careers they can be proud of -

We have high demands of our military personnel. When they get home, many of their jobs require advanced degrees but their experiences and training get them credits toward electives and phys ed. We need to work with universities to help translate the real world experiences of our veterans into degrees. We must work with schools and companies to give returning veterans a shot at a great career.

Mental Health Support -

In 2020, the suicide rate for Veterans was 57.3% greater than for non-Veteran U.S. adults.
The transition home is difficult and sometimes people are afraid to talk about the issues they're facing.
We must remove the stigma surrounding mental illness and recovery.

Medical care -

The VA constantly faces cuts by Republicans who claim to support our veterans. Statistically, veterans have much better outcomes with Democrats in charge.

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