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Environment Pollution

Profits Over People

This is our world too - but you'd never know it.

Citizen's United

This decision undermines democratic principles by enabling a small number of wealthy, powerful entities to exert overly significant influence over the political process, drowning out the voices of ordinary citizens, like us. We need to remove money's influence over politics.
The wealthy have far bigger megaphones than we do.

Fair Pay

Since the late 1970s, corporate profits in the United States have seen a significant rise, while wage growth for the average worker has largely stagnated. Productivity grew by 69.6% from 1979 to 2019, hourly pay for the average worker rose by only 15.8%. CEO compensation increased by 1,167%

Stealing the wealth of our lands

Southeastern Ohio was a booming exploratory natural gas and coal region - until it wasn't. These billion dollar + companies have always promised us jobs, safety, and security for our families - but all they've left us is orphan wells and anger. They promise us cheaper gas if we drill, drill, drill - then ship the profits to other regions and other nations. We don't see a dime.
These folks aren't our friends and I won't pretend they are.


We need to implement increased costs for vacant housing, remove loopholes that allow housing built with tax incentives to be rented at full cost after a short time period, discourage speculative buying and stop corporate buy ups of housing.

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