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Lies and Cyber Attacks

Russia owns the right.

Lies from the Top

We grant those in office the power to represent our best interests and they must be held accountable for any lies told. We must demand unwavering honesty and accept nothing less than the truth.

Those in power should have no choice but to be honest with constituents and the nation. If you want to be a liar, get a new job.


Corporations are not our friends. They are profit machines that, by law, must profit at any cost. As with all other developed nations that care for their citizens, we must have ownership of our data as individuals and not allow it to be shipped to other countries. We must protect our data and therefor ourselves.


We must stop calling propaganda "news" by creating and enforcing labels on media coverage. If you don't like fact checks, you may be swallowing the lies you're being fed.


In 2023 alone, we lost $12.5 billion to cybercrime. But money isn't our only loss. Cyber attacks target hospitals and other important services that erode trust in important services or even cost lives.

I will bring my experience in cyber security to the House floor to protect Americans from today's threats.

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