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OH12 is my home and I think it is high time we see the benefit of our federal dollars at work in our region. Dishonest people have long held this area in a tight grip built on gerrymandering. I see a time for change and growth.
Here are some thoughts on what that may look like. This is by no stretch of the imagination all of the issues we face, but I am always open to specific questions.

Border Security and  Drug Trafficking:

Funding for Drug Education and Community Awareness:

  • I will advocate for federal funds to be allocated towards drug education and community awareness programs. These programs will focus on educating the public about the dangers of drug use and the role of drug trafficking in fueling the drug crisis. Through increased awareness and education, we can empower communities to be part of the solution in combating drug trafficking.

Support for Law Enforcement and Drug Interdiction:

  • I will push for increased federal support for law enforcement agencies operating at the borders. This support would encompass specialized training in drug interdiction, funding for cutting-edge detection tools, and resources for coordinated operations to dismantle drug trafficking networks. Our goal is to disrupt the supply chains of illegal narcotics and reduce their entry into the United States.

Collaboration with International Partners:

  • I will work towards strengthening international collaborations to combat cross-border drug trafficking. This includes bilateral agreements with neighboring countries for intelligence sharing, joint operations, and capacity building. By working together with our international partners, we can address the drug trafficking challenge more effectively.

Economic Development

Improving Tax Laws for Local Small Businesses to Revitalize Neighborhoods:

  • I will push for law that would make it less expensive for people who want to invest in places that really need a boost. These tax breaks would help attract money into these neighborhoods, where it could go towards fixing up buildings and starting new businesses, helping the whole community grow and creating more jobs.

Making it Easier for Local Businesses to Get Loans:

  • I want to change the rules so it's easier for small businesses right here in our district to get loans. This would mean they don't have to pay as much in fees and the government would back them up more, making it less risky for lenders. I will also look at a special programs for industries that are just starting to grow in our area, like cutting-edge manufacturing or farming businesses, giving them the extra support they need.

Investing in Our Local Roads and Internet Access:

  • I am going to fight for federal money to help build up our local infrastructure. That means getting funds to fix roads near our business areas and to bring high-speed internet to more parts of our district. Better roads and faster internet can help businesses grow and make it easier for everyone to get around and stay connected.

Boosting Job Training Programs:

  • I aim to get more federal funding for our community colleges and trade schools to create new programs that teach the skills needed in today's job market. This could be in growing fields like health care, computer security, or green energy. The goal is to make sure our folks are ready for the jobs businesses are eager to fill.

Creating Hubs for New Ideas and Jobs:

  • I will help introduce a plan for new centers that would be all about coming up with innovative ideas and turning them into real products. These centers would bring together smart minds from our local universities and businesses to work on the next big thing in industries like farming. The government would provide funding to get these hubs going, which would lead to new jobs and keep our economy moving forward.


Expand Community Health Centers:

  • I will support the set up of community health centers in underserved areas.  These centers would offer affordable care and have services like check-ups, treatments, and mental health counseling.

Increase Telehealth Services:

  • I will fight for improved tele-health services so that you can have a doctor's visit from home. This could be especially useful for people living in rural areas. For instance, partnering with local providers to give discounts on virtual visits or getting federal funds to equip local clinics with better tele-health technology.

Support Local Mental Health Initiatives:

  • I will push to fund more local programs focused on mental health. This might mean supporting a project that offers free workshops on stress management or providing a grant to a local nonprofit that helps people with counseling services without the long wait times.

Negotiate Lower Drug Prices:

  • I will strive for policies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. This could be pushing for laws that allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which could also lower costs for others, or supporting local pharmacies to get medications at a lower cost and pass those savings on to customers.

Recovery Programs:

  • As a federal representative for OH12, I will propose nationwide initiatives, that would directly impact our district by providing grants to fund local drug rehabilitation services. These grants would enable community health centers, hospitals, and local nonprofits to expand their existing substance abuse treatment programs or establish new ones where gaps are evident. The goal is to create a network of support, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices, that can reach individuals grappling with addiction, offering them a variety of services such as detoxification, outpatient counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and peer support groups. By enhancing the quality and accessibility of treatment, we can build stronger, healthier communities from the ground up.


Increase Federal Housing Grants:

  • I will lobby for more federal grants to fund the construction of affordable housing and build new homes in areas where rent is rising too quickly.

Incentivize Affordable Housing Development:

  • I will advocate for incentives for developers who build or renovate housing to be affordable. We could incentivize developers to set aside a certain percentage of new housing as affordable units in neighborhoods that are becoming too expensive for longtime residents.

Support for First-Time Homebuyers:

  • I will work to create and promote federal programs that assist first-time homebuyers. This might include down payment assistance or a tax credit for first-time buyers to help them get into the housing market, especially in areas where prices are escalating due to growth or gentrification.

Preserve Existing Affordable Housing:

  • I will push for federal assistance to help maintain and upgrade existing affordable housing instead of tearing it down. An example could be getting federal funds to renovate old buildings to keep them affordable and livable, helping residents stay in their communities.

Zoning and Land Use Reform Advocacy:

  • I will work at the federal level to encourage local governments to reform zoning and land use policies that restrict the construction of affordable housing. This might include supporting federal policies that provide funding or other benefits to cities and towns that create more flexible zoning laws, allowing for more housing to be built in a wider range of areas.


Enhanced Crop Insurance Programs:

  • I will work to refine federal crop insurance programs, ensuring they are more responsive to the needs of farmers. 

Investment in Agricultural Technology Research:

  • I will  push to secure federal funding for research into agricultural technologies that can benefit farmers. This could involve supporting a grant for scientists and university's agricultural departments to develop drought-resistant crop varieties or more efficient farming methods that local farmers can adopt.

Improvement of Trade Agreements:

  • I will advocate for fair trade agreements that protect the interests farmers, ensuring they can sell their products at competitive prices on the international market. 

Support for Sustainable Farming Practices:

  • I will champion federal subsidies or tax breaks for farmers who implement sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. Provide examples such as offering financial incentives for farmers who switch to organic farming or use water-conserving irrigation systems.

Incentivize Crop Diversity:

  • To ensure future food security, I will advocate for law that provides direct financial incentives to farmers who cultivate a wider variety of crops, especially those that contribute to soil health, help control pests naturally, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The benefits would offset the risks associated with moving away from monoculture practices by covering a portion of the income farmers might potentially lose by experimenting with new crops.


Lower Taxes for Middle and Low-Income Families:

  • I will propose and support legislation that increases tax credits for middle and low-income families. For instance, advocate for expanding the Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), providing direct relief to families and individuals who need it most, stimulating the local economy as they are likely to spend this money on goods and services in their community.

Accountability in Government Spending:

  • I will champion legislation that increases transparency and accountability in government spending. For example, support a policy that requires detailed public reporting on federal projects, allowing taxpayers to see how their money is being used and the economic benefits these projects are expected to deliver.

Efficient Use of Federal Grants:

  • I will fight to ensure federal grants are used efficiently by creating a role to closely monitor their implementation. Introduce measures that aim to reduce wasteful spending by requiring periodic audits and performance reviews of federally funded projects to make sure they are on track and delivering the intended outcomes.

Property Tax Relief Act for Homeowners:

  • I will introduce or support legislation for property tax relief that would provide a federal tax credit for homeowners whose property taxes exceed a certain percentage of their income. This act could be designed to target relief efforts to those in most need, such as seniors and low-to-middle-income families, so good people can live without fear of losing their homes.


Enhanced Federal Support for Disadvantaged Schools:

  • I will push for increased federal funding targeted at schools that are under-resourced. This could involve providing financial assistance to local educational agencies and schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.

Grants for STEM Education:

  • I will support bills that funds the establishment of a district-wide STEM initiative, offering schools resources to build modern science labs, provide teacher training in STEM subjects, and integrate technology such as coding and robotics into the curriculum.

Infrastructure Improvement Funding:

  • I will fight to secure federal grants for the renovation of older school facilities, focusing on creating safe and energy-efficient learning environments, including updated HVAC systems for better air quality.

Federal Support for School Safety Programs:

  • I will work to obtain federal funds to implement comprehensive safety assessments of all schools in the district and upgrade their security systems, which may include secure entrances, surveillance cameras, and emergency communication systems.

Closing the Gap in Funding:

  • I will support bills to enhance transportation options, improve internet and technology access, support after-school and summer programs, offer incentives to attract teachers, and foster partnerships for real-world learning experiences. By investing in our rural students with these targeted initiatives, we ensure no student is at a disadvantage because of where they live.

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